“generating leads from them with programs like Google Adwords, building web sites with functional landing pages...  

If you’re an entrepreneur like me and you’re looking for someone to help you grow your business, I’d really recommend talking to Jeff..."

Troy Patton, CPA - President

Archer Investment Corporation

Indianapolis, IN

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“include Internet and Google pay-per-click advertising ... and landing pages for lead generation.  

We highly recommend

Jeff Bell.  He's frugal with our marketing dollars and always delivers on time"

Dr. Jacque Russo, Director of Marketing

EnviroMed Design Group

Boca Raton, FL

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“He's helped us on web site design and Adwords to develop leads from our web sites.

I was real fortunate to find Jeff and would recommend Jeff to anybody ... Jeff has been the best thing for us as far as


Mike Hale, President

Advanced Radiant Systems, Inc.

Fortville, IN

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"He’s really helped me quite a bit in my business.

He’s driven our response rates up and our costs per lead down.  

He's been very good to work with..."

David Catalano, CEO

Midwest Bankers Group, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN

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“Jeff will analyze your market, initiate a program and tally the results.  I've worked with him on several marketing initiatives, and it's been great.  So if you're looking for more clients or patients or to sell more,  Jeff should be your first call.”

Dane Rowland, President

Rowland Printing

Noblesville, IN

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“We weren’t sure how to market our services & how best to utilize technology available.  Jeff always has time for our questions.  He is one reason why our financial services co. has grown at a 50% growth rate.  I highly recommend Jeff to you if you want to have a marketing professional on staff.”

Ed Newton, CPA - President

Newton Financial Network

Charlotte, NC

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“I got a call from someone in Bethesda, and they had opted in through the landing page that Jeff set up,  after about 3 months they called me up and I went to see them, they give us a check for $8,000, they became a new client.

So I found it a very good investment to work with Jeff Bell...”

Paul Sullivan, CPA - President

Sullivan and Company, CPAs

Bethesda, MD

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"Finance Geeks and I have benefited from Jeff’s marketing experience for the last 5 years...

In addition Jeff’s knowledge of e-marketing and search engine positioning is unmatched as far as I’m concerned.”

Tony Patrick, MBA

Finance Geeks

Indianapolis, IN

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our business is helping you grow your business  . . . .  let’s get started

What’s The Toughest Question on How to Increase Sales Most Entrepreneurs Fail to Answer?

It’s a simple question to ask and a very difficult one to answer.  The question:

“Why should I, your prospective customer, client or patient, choose to do business with YOU, instead of your competition and all the other choices & options available to me, which includes doing nothing?”

When you have a really GREAT answer to that question, that is the core message in your advertising, that you can discuss and articulate in your or your staff’s selling situations, that your current customers, clients or patients

easily remember and willingly share with other people, GROWING your company, business, firm or practice becomes much easier.

Unfortunately most companies do not have any answer to that question and by default end up employing the “me too” strategy, relying on getting just their “share of the market pie” and therefore often struggle with growth.  This is a weak strategy at best, making the business susceptible to sales declines because of market dips, economic conditions or competition that steals from them.

There is a latin phrase, “Finis origine pendet”, which means ‘the end depends upon the beginning’.  In business if your sales or revenues aren’t growing like they should or are declining, from a Marketing perspective you start by analyzing your Advertising for a problem.

Your Advertising (magazine, newspaper, direct mail, pay per click, email, cold calls, web site, etc.) is the tip of your marketing spear.  By analyzing it’s format and structure, you can quickly determine if it may be the source of a larger sales/revenue or marketing problem.

If you’re interested in analyzing your own advertising, scroll down and request our Advertising Evaluation Worksheet & Scorecard.  

On the worksheet I ask you 21 questions about your ad covering the 5 key elements that make a successful advertisement.  From the worksheet you can total and score your ad to see it’s current effectiveness but also the potential for improving it.

Just enter your primary email address, first and last name and I’ll email you the Advertising Evaluation Worksheet and Scorecard.  It comes with simple instructions and if you have a question, on the next page I’ll tell you how to get your answer.


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